Stay home. Reach Out. Stay home. Reach Out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see an answer to your question on this page?

Send us a email at

What should people write about?

We invite you to write whatever comes to mind! Did you learn a new skill while being quarantined? What/who do you miss most while living in isolation? What do you wish to tell the recipient? Or why don't you draw a doodle of your town? The only thing we ask for is that you leave politics and profanities out.

Stores are closed — Where do I buy postcards?

Why not get a little creative? After choosing your recipient address, the website will provide inspirations for how to craft your own postcard form various materials you likely have at home.

Is it safe to provide my address online?

Yes. The mailing addresses are stored in a secure database and not made public. Each visitor who provides a mailing address will get exactly three random addresses from the database in return.

Can I participate more than once?

Yes. Every time you enter your mailing address you will receive three random recipients’ mailing addresses in return. Each time you will be added to the pool of recipients in return!

Who profits from this website?

Everyone who receives a postcard! There is no monetary exchange, though the designer/artist may apply for a small grant to cover web hosting and domain registration expenses.

I’m a teacher, can schools participate?

Of course! Simply share the website address with your students and guide them through the process as needed. You may want to encourage them to use the school’s mailing address or only their first names and class name when adding their mailing address.

Will this website persist, even when the COVID-19 crisis has passed?

Yes. This website will remain active and live on as a tribute to anyone affected by isolation — now and in the future.

Why is this website only available in English?

This is a new website. We are monitoring the traffic to the website and will decide soon which languages will be added.

Who is behind this website?

A designer/artist/programmer team of two:

Nina Boesch is a UX design director at the experience design firm Local Projects in Manhattan and a part-time artist. She lives in Brooklyn and is currently isolating with her boyfriend and 2-year old son Reyner. Stay Home. Reach Out. is the result of her feelings of isolation and the urge to stay connected with the world. In her spare time, Nina creates colorful collages from used and expired MetroCards. Check out her work at or on Instagram at @ninaboesch
Nina met Chris over 10 years ago, at Pentagam Design in New York, and they continue to collaborate on various virtual projects.

Chris Manlapid is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Computer & Electric Engineering. He has developed websites for Cornell, Stanley Black & Decker, Showtime, Credit Suisse, Princeton University, and Neenah Paper. His work has been recognized by the Web Marketing Association, International Academy of the Visual Arts, Interactive Media Council, Horizon Interactive Awards, and the Communicator Awards.