Stay home. Reach Out. Stay home. Reach Out.

Help make the world a more humane place by reaching out to someone in isolation. Share your isolation story in a postcard to a stranger and show the person that we’re all in this together. Participate in the “Stay Home. Reach Out” project and you will soon receive a postcard yourself.

The World has turned upside down. How are you dealing with the new reality we live in? What are your challenges during isolation? What are your joys? What are your hopes and dreams? Share your reality with someone else in the world. Likewise, you will soon receive a postcard from yet another person who would like to share his or her thoughts with you.

How the project works:

Add yourself to the project by entering your mailing address

See three other people’s mailing addresses and pick one to send your postcard to

Share your story in form of a postcard and send it to your chosen recipient

Receive a postcard from yet another person in the world, who picked you as a recipient

Step 1 of 2:

Add yourself
to the project

By adding your mailing address, you will become part of the project. After submitting your address, you will immediately see three other visitors’ addresses, of which you choose one recipient for your postcard.

  • In most countries a first name is enough for mail to arrive.